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Posted by Scott Phillips on 12/08/2012   Email

Delightful to find your website! I am working on the Carpenter branch of my family and this is marvelous to find! Thank you to all who help!

Posted by Patricia McGufficke on 19/04/2012   Email

I am interested in Tavistock after finding that my 4th great grmother, Grace Mansfield, wife of John Mansell, was sent to Australia in 1803 for stealing plow chains at Tavistock (property of William Burrows & Daniel Ware). Am hoping to visit someday. Pat in Qld, Australia

Posted by Gerald Lavigne on 16/07/2011   Email

It was wonderful to find your website. My mother and father, Larry Lavigne, Thelma Lavigne lived in Tavistock during the eighties and nineties. I am a retired policeman from Manchester, NH, USA and came to know Jim from a Tavistock policeman Simon Dell. When myself and other Manchester officers met Jim and his lovely wife Shirley when we visited him at home next to the old Tavistock police station in the town square. Myself and officer Mike Gardner visited Tavistock and were involved with Jim in a local tv interviews as well as some newspaper stories. I want to thank you again for this website as it brings back many fond memories of Tavistock and Jim and Shirley Thorington. Gerald Lavigne

Posted by Dan on 30/01/2011

Great website, and I am very impressed with the arrival of the museum. I would like to see a more in depth look at the modern social history of Tavistock. For example the rugby club started in the 1970's and information would be easily available on it's birth and affect, eg Phil de Glanville's rise to England captain. Keep up the good work!

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